Monday, June 11, 2012

Walking the Talk

This is a new blog and I am learning many new things navigating here in cyberspace--AND living in a 75-year-old body. I try to be POSITIVE.

I'm not sure HOW to delegate specific blogs to places... you know: the one that appears first, next, and so on and so forth. However.

My hope is that:
  •   those of you who are younger will heed and guide. Yes, youth CAN & DOES guide old ladies.
  •   those of you who are my age will understand and share. Your walk is different from mine.
  •   those of you who are over 80 will smile and rebuke gently. We need words from experience.

Today, my body is not behaving / responding / acting in ways that are familiar. I sort of broke down tonight just from the struggle. Okay. So I broke down big time. Maybe I'm entitled??? A little bit????

I do know from experience that giving thanks is the best medicine I can take. Yes, it is hard, sometimes, to find the good among the aches, pains, sleeplessness, too-much-to-do-ness, too-much-to-handle-ness.

It's often said to one who whines, "Well, but the alternative is worse."


My alternative is that my e-mail will be WOW. Get it???????????

However. God told Paul to write: ..... to live is CHRIST.

So, I try. I smile. I want to honor my Lord. I write my thanksgivings......

      # 473 - The petunias around the front porch are beautiful, fragrant, and feed the hummingbirds
      # 474 - The Chiropractor made my back better today
     # 475 -  My son and family will arrive from Kentucky in 2 days
     # 476 -  My 12-year-ole granddaughter believes that spending the summer with Memaw would be glorious [let's keep hoping it will happen, Madeline ]
      #477 -  God loves me.... EVEN and ESPECIALLY when I am unlovable.

 Please share with me and let's make this walk beautiful.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Taking The Long Way Home

I love life.

I love living life.

I have lived a lot of life.

God willing and the creeks don't rise,  I should keep on keeping-on for... well who knows how many years. I intend to make the most of every day I'm given.

15 years ago, even a man [or woman ]-eating crocodile could not daunt me. After all, I was a real blond and my future was -------

Today, though, I'm a little more tired, carry a lot more responsibilities than those raising-a-grandson years, and while I wear the same cross, I walk much more slowly.

One of the ways that makes this final quarter more fun is to connect via this blog to others walking the same road. It is always GOOD to have encouragement from those who know the lay of the land. I'm not obsessed with scratching off items on my Bucket List and it's nice to give up crying over all the buckets I kicked over in my previous gold-rush days.

On this blog, we'll laugh and cry and ponder the good, the bad, the very difficult. We will discuss easier ways to do the same old things. This is NOT NOT NOT a medical blog but I will most certainly provide my bleak and black experiences with that sneaky and often debilitating condition and thorn in my life:
Restless Leg Syndrome.
We will offer research information for other debilitating conditions readers submit.
We will share prayer requests and praise reports.
We will bear in mid that mind-UNboggling truth: it IS what it IS. Translation: This human can't do one thing to fix or change it, so take a breath and do something nice for myself.

I hope you'll join me, add your comments, your suggestions, your hints for handling life's surprises, and your tips for making the journey easier and more fun.

I don't use a cane yet, but be careful.... my husband will loan me his cane anytime I need it in order to get anybody in line.

Hugs and prayers and hopes for tomorrow,

Lady Liz